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Hi, I'm Traci!

Traci - Meet the Maker -Your Words CuffsNice to meet you! Thanks for taking some time to read about me and my handmade business. I am a momma to three and married to a sweet, sweet man. I love Jesus, coffee, the color yellow, laughing real hard, and I truly believe a hot bubble bath cures anything. I also have a deep love for words that encourage and inspire and have meaning - Bible verses, quotes, messages, prints, signs, phrases. This love of words paired with the fact that I have always enjoyed making things, and especially remaking things - taking something discarded and repurposing it - heavily contributed to the beginning of your words cuffs. 

This is a family owned and operated business. All the cuff makin’ is done by me. But I definitely couldn’t do without the help of my sweet hubby, Eric. He is the official snap setter and package shipper. He’s also highly qualified in the show set up and break down department, as well as the fixer of anything I need fixed. I truly could not do it without him!

I am so blessed to have the ability be able to do something I adore! It is such an honor and privilege to make something that brings joy, comfort, and encouragement to someone else. It's my hope that you will be blessed by the words on your cuff every time you see them. Your words.